Sandwiches and music – a match made in heaven.


Via Sky Blue Sky: Static Zine Launch

     During NXNE, Static Zine and Via Sky Blue Sky teamed up to put together a day show to celebrate both projects. Static Zine is a collective arts and lifestyle zine put together by Jessica Lewis, as well as Via Sky Blue Sky creators Aviva Cohen and Melody Lamb. Together, we enlisted Kat Burns (Forest City Lovers), Lowell Sostomi (Great Bloomers), Bravestation and Sister to help us launch our projects, enjoy some sandwiches and soak in the beautiful summer day, marking an end to festivities in the city and a beginning for Static and VSBS.
     We began the day with acoustic performances at Sky Blue Sky and marched on to Christie Pits for a finale filled with cupcakes and afternoon jams. If that didn’t cure your NXNE hangover, I don’t know what did.
     We’d like to thank everyone involved with Static and Via Sky Blue Sky, as well as Chad at Sky Blue Sky for allowing us to use the place for the day and sacrificing part of his Father’s Day for us. Also, thanks to the musicians who played and Brian for taking on camera duties all by his lonesome. These people will be paid (and not just in food and gratitude) one day for their hard work.

Episode # 1: Allie Hughes

Toronto singer Allie Hughes is just as beloved for her spectacular voice as she is for her elaborately themed shows. For Via Sky Blue Sky’s first episode, we invited her to Sky Blue Sky for some songs and sandwiches. Well, sandwich. Shop owner Chad forgot mine. It’s okay though, I have forgiven him since and I still love him. There will be an episode two, I promise.


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